About the Club

The Club was founded in 1969 "to encourage skill in rifle shooting by providing instruction and practice in the use of the small-bore rifle..."

The Club is managed by elected officers and a committee, is Home Office approved, and affiliated to Suffolk County Rifle Association and the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA).

Members shoot against each other in club competitions; in team and individual postal competitions against other clubs in the County; or - most of the time - just for fun. We also have the occasional "shoulder to shoulder" competition with other clubs, either as host or away.

Our Christmas "fun" shoot on our firearm range is open to all members  and allows less skilled members to compete on an equal footing with the veterans.

Our Air Gun section, founded in 2007, participates in county competitions in both Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. There is an annual "fun-bun" shoot at Easter: this is a skill shoot where the best shooter wins.

The Club's affiliation to the NSRA gives members access to national competitions at ranges such as Bisley. It also provides the club and members with essential liability insurance for club-associated activities.

Occasional social events are held, usually including at least one clay pigeon shoot each year (many members regularly attend other local clay shoots too).