The Firearm Range

The firearm range is available to full members and probationary members who have applied for full membership. Shooting is from the prone position over a 25 yard distance. The picture above shows the NSRA target normally used. The only weapons permitted here are single-shot .22 rimfire target rifles.

Shooting is under the direction of the Range Control Officer - there will normally be two on duty. The Range Control officer will ensure that all safety procedures are adhered to and his/her directions must be complied with at all times.

Novice and probationary shooters will be accompanied by an experienced club member, but as "probationers" become more proficient this need can be waived at the discretion of the Range Control Officer. The law requires that under 14s are accompanied whilst shooting by a responsible adult aged over 21 years. .

Rifles and equipment, such as jackets, slings and elbow pads, are available for use on the range, but most members prefer eventually to acquire their own weapons and equipment. For more information on ownership, see the gun ownership web page.

Ammunition is available for purchase and use at the range. Also, Firearm Certificate holders may purchase their own supply - the transaction must be recorded on their Certificates.

There are several internal club competitions each year, and we enter into team and individual competitions in the Suffolk County Rifle Association leagues. Several trophies, donated by past and present members, are awarded each year to winners of club competitions.