Weapon Information and Ownership

Club-owned .22 rifles, air rifles and air pistols are available for members' use. However, on most members prefer to acquire their own weapons on attaining full membership.

.22 Rimfire Rifles

These are firearms and come within provisions of the Firearms Act 1968. To be in possession of a firearm or ammunition you must have a Firearm Certificate, usually issued by the police force for the area where you live. Members and Probationary Members who do not have a Firearm Certificate can use Club guns.  Ammunition can be purchased for use at the Club only, but must not be removed by them from the Club premises. The club has an Exemption Certificate, issued annually, which allows duty range control officers (whether or not holders of a firearms certificate) to transport items between the range and the armourer.

If you wish to acquire your own rifle, first you must be elected as a full club member. Only .22 calibre single-shot rimfire target rifles can be used on the club range. You will need to apply to the Chief Constable of the police authority of your area of residence (Suffolk Constabulary for most of us). You will need a lockable steel gun cabinet, securely fixed in place, be free of certain types of police conviction, and pass an inspection of the arrangements for storing your gun. It is as well to make your firearm certificate application before installing your cabinet as the Firearms Enquiry Officer will give advice on security and the best location. Firearm Certificates allowing possession of this type of gun will normally only be issued to members of a Home Office approved club.

Air Rifles & Pistols

Only low powered .177 air guns (under 6 ft/lb pressure) are permitted on the Club range.