During club sessions, use of the ranges is restricted to Hadleigh Rifle Club members and to members of visiting NSRA-registered clubs.


The minimum age for membership is normally 14 years, but exceptionally we will consider applicants aged from 12 years, subject to assurances as to acceptable and responsible behaviour. Special conditions apply by law to use of firearms by 12-16 year olds.

An applicant must not be a "prohibited person" * under Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968.

(* a "prohibited person" is a person who has been sentenced to imprisonment or youth custody or detention in a young offender institution for three months or more and whose date of release is within five years of date of application or a person who has ever been sentenced to three years or more)

To Apply

Complete a Membership Application Form or ask for one on your first visit. Bring this, together with a passport-style photograph, not later than your second visit. You can print a Membership Application form here.

Membership Classes

Probationary Membership is usually available immediately. A membership fee, providing temporary membership, is payable for each attendance. Applicants must submit a completed application form, which includes a declaration as to eligibility. Details are submitted to the Police Firearms Unit where eligibility is checked. Probationary membership is from a minimum of three to a maximum of six months regular attendance, the period being governed by law. Tuition is available during this period, and on the firearm range probationary members will be accompanied until approved safe to use unaccompanied.

Full Membership, is decided by the committee after the minimum probation period of three months. This covers use of all club facilities and use of firearm and airgun ranges. Fees are payable annually (pro-rata when appointment is mid-term). Membership fee includes using targets and entry into one winter and one summer completion. Air weapon pellets are also included but rim-fire ammunition will incur an additional fee. Special events or competitions may involve an additional surcharge.

Juniors aged up to 18 years or if in full-time education up to 21 years, are eligible for a reduced membership subscription rate. We normally require a junior aged under 16 years to be accompanied by a parent or guardian unless special arrangements have been made with one of the club officials who has undergone the CRB check for working with minors. Unfortunately children under 12 are not permitted on the premises.


The fees applicable for the 12 months commencing 1 October 2015 are:

Full Membership per annum: £60.00 (Juniors £40.00)
Probationary Membership per session: £3.00 which includes targets and any air ammunition, firearm ammunition is extra. (10p each)